General Electric (GE) built its own platform called Predix to help industrial companies manage their data in the cloud. Now they have partnered with a big cloud provider to inspire some business in the Internet of Things. Forbes brought this interesting information to us in their article, “GE Partners With Microsoft To Sell Its ‘Industrial Cloud’ Platform On Azure.”

A new cloud partnership between Predix and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and business applications was recently announced. The comes a week after Microsoft rebranded its business apps in the cloud under a new suite called Dynamics 365.

Under the new partnership, Predix customers already working with GE will gain access to Microsoft Azure’s data and natural language tools, as well as access to its global infrastructure centers and the Cortana Intelligence Suite. Microsoft will make Predix an integrated part of its Azure IoT Suite, making it easier for industrial customers to integrate their data into Microsoft’s own apps.

Melody K. Smith

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