Smart data is hardly new to the information management world. However it just might have finally reached the point of acceptance. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “The State of Smart Data in the Enterprise – 2017.”

Every day brings more news articles about artificial intelligence (AI) powering applications that rely on smart data. It can get confusing with the info-lingo that usually accompanies those articles. Between cognitive computing and natural language processing, there are many variations that exist.

Many industries are embracing smart data, but it does require specialists to make it work. it always requires some tools and frameworks for the developers to begin deploying AI-powered enterprise applications.

Smart data is a strategy that sets the groundwork for smart decisions, rather than a particular type of data. Combining the attributes of big data with those of smart data can actually help you utilize the power of your data, which can drive decisions more effectively.

Melody K. Smith


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