BreezoMeter has announced the addition of air quality forecasting and pollen dispersion data, based on its proprietary machine learning algorithm, to its API. The company is now able to provide air quality data up to four days in advance. This interesting information came from DATAVERSITY in their article, “BreezoMeter First to Offer Machine Learning Air Pollution Forecasting Data.”

Making precise predictions about the weather can be difficult, and accurately forecasting air quality levels is even more complicated. With four-day forecasting now available through BreezoMeter’s API, companies can easily integrate to provide customers with actionable recommendations.

Emil Fisher, Chief Technology Officer at BreezoMeter, commented, “In terms of annual deaths, air pollution has surpassed malaria, car accidents and HIV, combined. It’s a massive and global issue affecting everyone, and up until now, consumers did not have access to real-time accurate air quality data.”

Melody K. Smith

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