Data quality and data governance are ongoing concerns among global data technology vendors and enterprises. This means that privacy and security issues are no longer the headaches of large enterprises alone. DATAVERSITY brought this news to our attention in their article, “How are New Data Technologies Affecting Data Quality and Data Governance?

There have been many factors contributing to rising data quality and data governance concerns. Some of them are big data, Hadoop, cloud computing platforms, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In recent times, many of the new technologies and trends mentioned above have truly promoted the democratization of business analytics on one hand, while raising serious doubts about the quality and governance of data on the other hand. Now business data is no longer trapped in isolated silos.

Whenever the topic of big data enters the conversation, the concern among businesses is assessing whether the existing talent pool is sufficient for handling the challenges of high-speed, high-volume, multi-source data. However, big data does not just imply a set of tools and techniques. Data-enabled decision-making requires an enterprise-wide change in mindset first.

Melody K. Smith

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