It seems like data security, ransomware, and insider threats have been in the headlines for the past year. Will that remain true for 2017? This interesting information was brought to our attention by Nextgov in their article, “Why Machine Learning Will Help Improve Government Cybersecurity in 2017.”

It’s clear hackers have polished their art and are overcoming the in-place enterprise security defenses. In 2017, those in the security business believe the adoption of machine learning and adaptive response will make the bad guys’ job a little harder.

The work that needs to be done involves the internet. It must be continually monitored and well-protected from debilitating attacks. The internet needs to be more resilient. This is a challenge, because as a society, we’re as dependent on the internet as we are on electricity.

Historically, hackers have stolen data for monetary gain. However, activity in the past few years is focused on using information for more than profit. Judging by the Democratic National Committee hack or the Sony breach, hackers are weaponizing information.

Melody K. Smith

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