Facebook has released what they are calling a deep-learning-based text understanding engine that is designed to leverage neural network architectures. The ultimate goal is to compete with the Google search engine by bringing the highest accuracy of humanness to the process of sorting through the daily flood of social media posts on its web site. This interesting information came to us from Enterprise Tech in their article, “Facebook AI Effort Looks to Extend Search Engines.”

This artificial intelligence (AI) initiative is called Deep Text and could change the landscape in terms of organizing the large amounts of unstructured text data generated by the leading social media site. Part of the project is to expand current natural language processing (NLP) techniques that frequently misinterpret text because of slang or context.

Whether you are using AI in financial applications or social media environments, it can be helpful by extracting supporting verification and in turn comparing it against disclosed data. Using a group approach that includes NLP, semantic technologies and AI can produce comprehensive results.

Melody K. Smith

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