While new research suggests that more than 80% of organizations are looking at protecting long-term digital information in order to drive business value, many are ignoring the need for governing and preserving it. This creates multiple sources of legal, security and compliance risk. It also starves the organization of the raw information materials it needs to understand what happened and intelligently predict what will happen. This interesting information came to us from Information Age in their article, “Protecting digital information key to driving business value.”

Interestingly enough, enterprises are using only about 25 percent of their unstructured data for insights and decision-making. A recent survey revealed that they are using 35 percent of their structured data for the same purposes.

Data analytics and data science techniques are becoming common approaches to processing big data. These tools, once accessible only to the experts creating them, are now available for use by non-tech businesses and other organizations.

Melody K. Smith

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