Metadata gets discussed frequently, but do we truly understand the power and benefits this technical watermark can offer? This interesting information came to us from IT ProPortal in their article, “How object storage manages big data in the IoT.”

When it comes to analytics, metadata permits a more holistic approach. For data management, it greatly enhances data reuse, accountability, and security. If metadata is properly tagged, content is searchable and findable.

When used for product development teams, the data available from devices allows teams to better understand how devices are used, which means they become more efficient.

The latest thing is creating an easily searchable data lake. Whether this is on-site or cloud-based, it has the potential of storing trillions of files of any size without degradation in performance.

But this wealth of data becomes vulnerable when companies rely on legacy storage. Such systems were never designed to respond to the size and variety of today’s data landscape. It’s not just the massive amount of data in the world; it’s that the rate of data production grows every day.

Melody K. Smith

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