Demographic data provided by the Census Bureau is critical for social scientists and economists. However, it is not known for its ease of use. A new technology start-up is trying to change that. This interesting news came to us from GCN in their article, “Startup aims to make Census data easier to use. is hoping to make Census data less dense and more accessible. sells itself as a way to increase collaboration within the realm of data to accelerate problem solving.

It’s a social platform that helps people who work with data discover, prepare and share data sets. By linking data sets together using semantic web technology, identifies and adds information about the concepts within the data sets, which makes them easier for people and machines to work with.

Census data is more valuable than most people realize. It is used to determine social, economical and financial resources in geographic areas based on population needs. So many people think it is just the government being nosy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Melody K. Smith

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