Albuquerque, NM Access Innovations, Inc., a leader in digital data organization, has recently completed a new project with one of their longest standing clients, the American Water Works Association (AWWA). AWWA has used Access Innovations’ XML Intranet System (XIS) application since 2004 and recently contracted for  a major update.

AWWA upgraded to the newest version of XIS, which included the creation of a Search Portal web application for in-house use. Traditional search options were expanded to include additional searchable metadata providing richer and more targeted search results.

This new Search Portal allows AWWA staff to locate items in their collection by publisher, author, subject (thesaurus) term, ISSN, or any of several other search options. The search returns can be filtered to more precisely fit the desired criteria of the user.

“It was important for our organization to make this upgrade,” states Dan Berger, Senior Manager of Production at AWWA. “The increased scale of our content demanded a unique solution and we were happy to partner with Access Innovations on it.”

“Our long-standing relationship with AWWA is important to us,” according to Win Hansen, Production Manager for Access Innovations. “They have always pushed the limits of our software and they deserve credit for many of our advances in the system. When they came to us in need of a large-scale update, we were enthusiastic about the chance to provide our support.”

In creating this search portal, AWWA  is enhancing their internal user experience by improving findability within their corpus and increasing the speed at which users can accurately find the information they need.


About Access Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Access Innovations has extensive experience with Internet technology applications, master data management, database creation, thesaurus/taxonomy creation, and semantic integration. Access Innovations’ Data Harmony software includes automatic indexing, thesaurus management, an XML Intranet System (XIS), and metadata extraction for content creation developed to meet production environment needs. Data Harmony is used by publishers, governments, and corporate clients throughout the world.

About AWWA

Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. With approximately 50,000 members, AWWA provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.