Silverchair Information Systems (Silverchair) and Zapnito announced a new partnership to enable STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and other knowledge providers to foster engagement around expert content and discussions. This information came to us from Silverchair’s press release, “Zapnito and Silverchair Partner to Create and Enrich Knowledge Communities.”

This isn’t a new collaboration. Zapnito’s technology is already used by Silverchair customers to create knowledge networks – hubs of collective expertise aligned to leading journals and societies.

This new level of partnership will bring both technologies together, especially via embeddable knowledge feeds of curated, expert conversations within the Silverchair Platform. This integration provides clients with even greater capabilities and value, via expert networks or embedded feeds.

Media, professional services, and other knowledge providers already use Zapnito to create expert networks that reclaim their brand and audience. Since 1993, Silverchair has been integrating and delivering scholarly and professional content from a single platform, providing distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced semantic technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government.

Melody K. Smith

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