Metadata is important and has long been a priority for publishers. However, just as everything else changes, publishers are struggling to keep up with the changes in metadata. This interesting information came to us from The Bookseller in their article, “Publishers are struggling with metadata; enter BookEngine.”

There are some options for help out there. One of them is BookEngine, a title manipulation and distribution software application. It takes metadata from a publisher’s title database and pushes it to all their own websites, social media, etc.

The BookEngine team is building the software in tandem with the demands of their clients to answer real needs in real time.

“Our initial BookEngine client keeps asking us to further develop and extend the software,” Bell reports. “That’s what got us excited initially. It showed we had built something that really meets a need. We’ve just started showing it to other publishers. Everyone we have shown it to has given us positive feedback, and we’ve had lots of comments along the lines of: ‘this totally solves a problem we are struggling with’.”

Melody K. Smith

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