A recent study analyzing digital transformation in the publishing industry found that 25 percent of publishers see themselves as behind in current technological transformation efforts as compared to the rest of the industry. On the opposite side of that spectrum, 25 percent feel they are ahead. That means 50 percent must be somewhere in the middle where they are feeling right in step. This interesting news came to us from Talking New Media in their article, “Study on digital transformation in publishing reveals sluggish progress.”

The study found that digital transformation in publishing is being driven by consumer demand and the desire for new revenue streams and new products. The full report is available for download.

One thing is for sure based on the report: metadata is a top priority. It ranked as the highest priority for publishers. Determined to overcome key challenges and make strategic investments to accelerate their progress, 90 percent of all publishers are planning to invest in metadata over the next three years.

Melody K. Smith

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