An enterprise’s financial and physical assets, combined of course with human assets, are key to a successful organization. These assets are more than numbers on a spreadsheet. This interesting information came to us from Inside Big Data in their article, “A CEO’s Guide to Managing and Leveraging Enterprise Data Assets.

The value of data has long been proven whether that data is from news, social media, industry reports, or other external sources. With the increase in value comes the increase in risks. A big part of that problem is the lack of understanding among senior management of the issues IT has to deal with, and the need for management involvement to help deal with these issues in an effective manner.

Obtaining, managing and leveraging that data for both tactical and strategic use is a very complex process that cannot be left to IT alone. There are many issues involved in making the right data available at the right time and with the right tools to understand and analyze that data.

Melody K. Smith

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