There are many terms used in relation to artificial intelligence. Some are synonymous and some are just distantly related. Sys-Con Media brought this news to us in their article, “AI Is About Machine Reasoning.”

In 1955 Prof. John McCarthy defined artificial intelligence as the goal to develop machines that behave as though they were intelligent. Even after 62 years, the majority of enterprises worldwide are still in the infant stage of artificial intelligence.

Enterprises see artificial intelligence and its technologies as a potential strategic benefit. According to surveys, nearly 57 percent believe that artificial intelligence will improve the customer experience and support. Surprisingly, 43 percent believe that artificial intelligence provides them with the ability to disrupt their industry with new business models, products and services.

One of the newer terms in the market is machine reasoning. This includes systems that can generate conclusions from available knowledge by using logical techniques like deduction and induction. Thus, machine reasoning systems build the foundation for knowledge-based environments.

Melody K. Smith

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