Cyber security skills are in high demand. Enterprises are under constant attack from increasingly advanced adversaries. Maybe it is time to automate? This interesting information came to us from BetaNews in their article, “New AI system helps overcome the cyber security skills gap.”

Automation is the answer that many are looking at, and cyber defense specialist DarkLight is launching its latest software which has artificial intelligence (AI) that is trained to think and act like a human analyst. DarkLight applies object-based production methodology to organize what is known about the threats and risks in the cyber ecosystem and enables activity-based intelligence playbooks that focus on behaviors, activities, and transactions to discover unknown unknowns.

This system is designed to emulate the sense-making and decision-making abilities of human experts. Ontologies allow the system to understand the meaning of the security data it is observing and the AI-driven playbooks encode the knowledge and experience of human cyber defense experts.

Melody K. Smith

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