With the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the landscape of connectivity, a new set of challenges and opportunities have evolved. Because it involves a broader diversity of devices, the requirements of IoT devices have a wide range, except for one area – security. Network World brought this news to us in their article, “The fight to defend the Internet of Things.”

Hackers are not only compromising servers, routers and PCs, but now they are exploiting vulnerabilities in other common devices like medical devices, baby monitors, webcams and cars. Almost every online device can be a target and this leaves users and devices susceptible to spying, data theft, physical damage, and participation on Internet infrastructure assaults.

So how do we protect our devices and our data when connected to the IoT? A solid IoT security approach uses a combination of integrated hardware-based security features – all tightly integrated with the operating system, communication protocols, applications and the cloud, helping to deliver new IoT products and services that also protect security and privacy.

Melody K. Smith

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