Artificial intelligence allows software to learn human ways of thinking and it is currently being incorporated into the largest e-commerce platforms and data-intensive traditional sectors. With strong government backing and concentrated research in this area, artificial intelligence is poised to drive China’s economy forward toward higher levels of growth. But where does that leave the United States? This interesting news came to us from Forbes in their article, “China Is Investing Heavily In Artificial Intelligence, And Could Soon Catch Up To The U.S.

China is developing artificial intelligence to improve the capabilities of robotics, develop driverless cars, determine consumer preferences, enhance inventory forecasting, and more.

The balance of power in technology is shifting. For years, China has watched with green eyes as the West invented the software and the chips powering today’s digital age, becoming a major player in artificial intelligence. Now many experts widely believe China is only a step behind the United States.

Melody K. Smith

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