Flashbacks of Jetsons cartoons run through my mind when I hear about artificial intelligence (AI) becoming an everyday convenience; robot assistants guiding shoppers around stores, self-driving cars cruising the highways, and automated lawnmowers in the backyard. Is this 2017 or 2117? Talking New Media brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “AI and the digital publishing evolution: what’s next?

Smart, labor-saving technology isn’t just a daydream; it is helping streamline services, chores and more. It is also being used in many sectors as a performance optimizer, especially in online publishing.

Digital publishers are using AI to enhance content appeal for both audiences and advertisers. It is also being used to ensure brand safety. For example, Google has declared an incremental focus on AI-powered brand protection. This came after they unknowingly placed ads alongside extremist content on YouTube.

Melody K. Smith

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