The growth explosion of content is not limited to one type of business or organization. It is the scale of content creation that makes a digital librarian necessary. This interesting information came to us from Martech Advisor in their article, “Digital Librarians: A Cure to the Content Hangover.”

Even with a digital asset management (DAM) system, it’s easy for content to take over and become out of control. In 2014, the average DAM customer stored 25,000 assets in their system. In 2016, the average reached over 39,000. The irony is few organizations use 39,000 different images per year. We have become content hoarders because “you just never know when you might need it”.

In many cases, users don’t know what they have and don’t archive it routinely because they can’t find anything without reviewing pieces of content one by one. Procrastination at its best is gaining more gratification from postponing it than actually doing it. This is the exact scenario that justifies the need for digital librarians.

Melody K. Smith

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