Big data can help you develop something of tangible value through SQL analytics or machine learning, but only after you understand the process. This interesting topic came to us from datanami and their article, “On the Radar: 14 Metadata Vendors To Watch Now.”

The term “metadata management” may bring up memories of old-school business intelligence initiatives, but it is actually a catch-all for many individual tool categories, including data governance and cataloging. These tools are quickly becoming critical to big data analytics initiatives.

Metadata is key because it gives organizations a method to manage the terabytes or petabytes of actual data that they want to analyze. The metadata management market is growing quickly and is expected to continue growing in the near future. In its 2016 report, Gartner predicted that the field would double in size in 2017, from about $170 million to about $340 million this year.

There are clearly benefits from using metadata management tools such as entity relationship models and modeling languages like Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Melody K. Smith

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