A new analytics tool may assist military leaders in making better decisions on the battlefield, all by predicting the motives of their adversaries. This interesting information came to us from National Defense and their article, “New Analytics Tool Could Help Military Leaders.

By using abductive reasoning, the concept utilizes advancements in machine learning. With a set of observations or evidence, the technology determines the root case or explanation to describe what is observed. Of course, humans have used abductive reasoning since the beginning of mankind. It is only now that it is being automated.

This technology could be beneficial for those in the military or intelligence communities. The software, built by Polaris Alpha, can pull information in, analyze it and present a human operator with various hypotheses.

Recently, Polaris Alpha, alongside Raytheon BBN Technologies, submitted a bid for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Active Interpretation of Disparate Alternatives program. The goal of the program “is to develop a multihypothesis semantic engine that generates explicit alternative interpretations of events, situations and trends from a variety of unstructured sources, for use in noisy, conflicting and potentially deceptive information environments,” according to DARPA.

Melody K. Smith

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