The Library of Congress recently announced the release of educational applications related to Congress and civic participation for use in K-12 classrooms. This news came to us from Ed Scoop in their article, “Library of Congress launches three new learning apps.”

In collaboration with various educational organizations, the applications were designed to cover subjects such as American history, government and civics. For instance, in collaboration with Indiana University’s Center on Representative Government, they developed Engaging Congress, an app consisting of game-based learning activities on representative government and its current challenges in society. The game uses photographs, political cartoons, maps, and other items to explore the challenges of sustaining representative democracy in our complex nation today. There are websites to accompany the applications providing resources like teacher’s tool kits, curriculum guide, and more.

These three applications were selected to develop from 33 proposals received from a wide range of organizations, including institutions of higher education, cultural institutions and other collaborative partnerships, to develop educational apps.

Melody K. Smith

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