Net neutrality is likely a new word for many, but it is an important one to learn more about. BBC brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Facebook, Google and start-ups oppose net neutrality U-turn.”

Some technology giants have come out in strong favor that that all internet traffic should be treated equally. This in contrast to the many telecom organizations that are trying to change what they consider an overly regulated net.

So what exactly is net neutrality and why is it important to organizations and private citizens? Cloudwards put together some answers to those questions in their useful resource for the professional and the layman.

Currently in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is looking to eliminate many net neutrality rules currently in place. This isn’t a new battle, it actually started in 1934 when the U.S. Communications Act granted the FCC the right to regulate all domestic and foreign communications.

An intense debate between pro- and anti-net neutrality groups are taking place everywhere. The FCC asked the public to contribute to the debate around the rule changes and received a record 22 million responses. Of course they then stated there had been many spam entries and therefore it had not taken the quantity of comments into account before making their decision. Voting will take place by regulators in December 2017.

Melody K. Smith

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