Just today I learned someone had stolen my credit card information, set up an account with my correct name, address, phone number and email address and had been charging a monthly recurring charge to my card. Despite feeling violated that my personal information is so easily had, I don’t understand their long game. Are they banking that I wouldn’t pay attention to a recurring charge on my card? It actually was my debit card, which I admit I pay closer attention to, but still. Gov Info Security brought this topic to us in their article, “A New Look at Digital Identity.”

Now I have to wonder if I was a victim of the EquiFax data breach or one of the many other breaches we hear about on what feels like a daily basis. It does make me more interested in how to prevent this from happening again. The security of personal information and their usefulness in safeguarding private accounts is an important conversation. How do we move beyond the username/password scenario to something more secure? Is technology keeping up with the crooks?

Melody K. Smith

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