Scholarly sharing is the foundation upon which a collective body of knowledge grows. Technology has definitely improved the speed and ease of sharing, but the practice dates back to when the very first scholarly journal was created 350 years ago. This topic came to us from Research Information in the article, “How Can I Share it?

Because research is a collaborative process at its core, scholars share expertise, skills, and facilities to advance our understanding and collective knowledge. Scholarly collaboration networks, known as SCNs, have received credit from academics and scientists for bringing research into the digital age. Publishers and institutional librarians also recognize that everyday activity across SCNs raises questions about the proper sharing of materials.

To help navigate that process safely and effectively, the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) launched “How Can I Share It?” a new website dedicated to all aspects of scholarly sharing. The site includes practical information and tools to ensure articles can be shared quickly, easily and consistently.

Melody K. Smith

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