Data management and analytics software are often considered on opposite ends. When it comes to organizations upgrading their management and analytics solutions, they can be stymied as to which one comes first. Predictive Analytics Times brought this news to our attention in their article, “A Chicken/Egg Problem: Management or Analytics Software?

Data management and data analytics are inter-related to each other. But data management plays a specific role in data analytics. Management software focuses on getting things done, while analytics software focuses on finding better ways to do things.

With the use of big data becoming more and more important to businesses, it is even more vital for them to find a way to analyze the ever growing disparate data coursing through their environments and give it meaning.

As John Schwarz, CEO of Visier puts it, “While management is all about action, analytics is all about forethought and decision-making. The former automates processes, and the latter helps you create new ones. One accelerates workflows, and the other shifts paradigms.”

So the answer to the chicken and egg quandary is analytics.

Melody K. Smith

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