Smartlogic Semaphore Inc. and MarkLogic recently announced an expanded partnership that will together help global organizations across all industries enrich information with context and meaning. The objectives for this partnership are to produce new revenue streams, improve operational effectiveness and lower risk. This interesting news came to us from PR Web in their article, “Smartlogic’s Semaphore Cloud and MarkLogic’s Next-Gen Database Turn Information Assets into Actionable Intelligence on Microsoft® Azure®.”

“Smartlogic’s semantic platform Semaphore, enables organizations to automate knowledge-based tasks using AI and accelerate decision-making by revealing enterprise information that allows the business to take intelligent action. Bringing together three leading technologies, Semaphore Cloud provides an efficient and economical platform for customers and partners to address security, scale and on-demand requirements,” Jeremy Bentley, CEO, Smartlogic.

Semantic technology uses formal semantics to give meaning to all the disparate and raw data that is all around us. It defines and links data on the web or within an enterprise by developing languages to express interrelations of data in a form that machines can process.

Melody K. Smith

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