More and more companies are working hard to capitalize on the benefits of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). With promises like better business intelligence, process improvement, and intelligent asset management, it is easy to understand why. This interesting information came to us from Smart Industry in their article, “5 ways to get IT & operations to champion IoT.”

However, to realize the benefits, it will require IT and operations departments to work together. Even as far as increased cross-training and an exchange of skills between the two groups has been suggested as a solution. This IT/operations hybrid hypothesis might be challenging as they do not have a history of approaching projects from the same perspective, but there are benefits associated with organizational changes.

It is incumbent on industrial IoT technology to allow both IT and operations to continue to be successful in their traditional roles while also benefiting from the IoT. In order to identify the required characteristics of an effective IoT platform, it’s important to understand the responsibilities and motivations of individuals in each department.

Melody K. Smith

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