With data breaches and cyberattacks making headline news on a regular basis, there is a greater need for professionals with the necessary skills to fight back against cybercrime. International Business Times brought this news to us in their article, “How Your Company Can Close The Cybersecurity Skills Gap.”

Unfortunately, there is a great need to those with skills in cybersecurity in the United States. This gap isn’t just a concern for large technology companies. The skills gap is a significant problem that has to be addressed in a number of ways because there is no silver bullet.

Educational programs and institutes play a big part in increasing skilled talent, although most university cybersecurity programs are just beginning. It is estimated to take three to five years before there are enough students with the necessary cybersecurity skills.

There are other options in the interim. Artificial intelligence, communication with employees and shared responsibility can start to help fill their cybersecurity needs.

Melody K. Smith

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