Automation is key to so many things. In most industries, it is the key to having the competitive advantage. It is also essential for technology to be automated when it comes to applications and enterprises. This often leaves information technology (IT) struggling to keep up. This interesting information came to us from Sys-Con Media in their blog post, “How a Metadata-Driven Architecture Creates Organizational Agility.”

The rush of development has helped organizations meet their short-term automation needs. Ironically, it also works against itself when it comes to the proliferation of applications in the enterprise because each new application actually limits an organization’s ability to be agile and increases its security risk profile. In this never-ending cycle, it also decreases IT’s ability to support more automation in the future.

Some technology companies are exploring metadata-driven application development architectures. This type of development architecture abstracts an entire application into a single metadata file that defines all attributes of the application and executes on a purpose-built delivery platform.

This approach is not new, but they have primarily been limited to creating stand-alone applications, as they lacked the sophistication necessary to develop enterprise-scale applications. This new generation is extending the approach and that brings hope to the architecture at enterprise scale.

Melody K. Smith

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