Whichever industry you work in, or whatever your interests, you will almost certainly heard about how data is changing the face of our world. It might be helping to cure a disease, boost a company’s revenue, make a building more efficient or direct sustaining agriculture and it’s ability to meet the needs of a growing population. This interesting news came to us from Dairy Herd in their article, “Farm Journal Expands Data and Analytics Capabilities with Acquisition.”

Farm Journal Media, business information and media company serving the agricultural market, recently announced the acquisition of Market Research Data Service (MRDS). The acquisition significantly enhances Farm Journal’s market-leading data analytics capabilities and integrates proprietary MRDS algorithms directly into Farm Journal’s Farm Reach database.

The use of data analytics is a growing trend spanning all industries. Though the uses of analytics vary based on industry, any business can benefit by incorporating data analytics. In fact, data analytics are critical to the success and growth of any company, no matter their size.

Melody K. Smith

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