Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming common in every type of organization and business. Retail is certainly taking advantage of the benefits it offers. This interesting information came to us from Inc. in their article, “Selling Online? These A.I. Tools Can Help You Do It Better.”

Big e-commerce stores are deploying the machine learning and statistics techniques that AI offers to make the most of their potential at the checkout line.

Innovation can be a double-edged sword, and as with any innovation results are a mixed bag. Many AI applications have yielded increased ROI while others have failed to meet expectations. Behind most AI retail experiences lies deep learning, an AI approach utilizing neural networks which nearly everyone uses.

As a customer, identifying where deep learning and AI pop up in your retail environment may be challenging. Gathering data at every point of the purchasing process helps to build better predictive and prescriptive models for the future.

Melody K. Smith

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