Libraries are nirvana to the bibliophiles among us. They also tickle that OCD gene with all the books lined up and organized in a particular fashion. However, some are better than others. This interesting article takes a look at the “15 Incredible Libraries Around the World” and came to us from Twisted Sifter.

Their determination of “incredible” is in reference to more than just the books, but the architecture surrounding and supporting the literary collections. From the historical to the modern, these containers of knowledge and learning also preserve the history and culture of their respective periods. Topping the list is the University Club Library – New York City. Interestingly enough the University Club is a private social club that offers, among other things, venue for social events. Its origins date back to 1861 when a group of college friends, principally Yale alumni, founded the club hoping to extend their collegial ties.

Farther down the list you will find the National Library of Finland – Helsinki. The National Library is considered one of the foremost research libraries in Finland. It is responsible for storing the Finnish cultural heritage. By Finnish law, the National Library is a legal deposit library and receives copies of all printed matter, as well as audiovisual materials excepting films, produced in Finland or for distribution in Finland.

The list contains many more interesting and visually appealing libraries. Learn more about them, add them to your excursion or bucket lists.

Melody K. Smith

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