What are the boundaries between the access to digital metadata and access to data content or communications? It is an important fact within the scope of cybersecurity. This interesting information came to us from Macau Business in their article, “Cybersecurity bill should strive for separating digital metadata access from access to content – local journalists’ association.”

Portugal is in the process of fighting the battle of protecting data while not infringing up on freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Other countries such as China have passed similar laws that many interpret as dangerous to independent bloggers and social media journalists as it makes them vulnerable to be seen as a threat to national security.

As more of our daily lives are lived in the digital world, the security of our personal information online has become of paramount importance. Recent high-profile data breaches and hacking highlight the need to protect sensitive data from thieves and spies while also maintaining Americans’ privacy. It is a tenuous dance.

Melody K. Smith

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