Machines are becoming smarter with each passing day, and hopefully, either as a result or because we created the machines, we are as well. Venture Beat brought this interesting topic to us in their article, “A sober view of AI will lead to more effective innovation.”

Many things have changed, only one being our perspective towards technology. Data has become faster and more layered as a result of machines’ incredible complexity. Understanding and managing that complexity took our relationship with machines to a new level.

The tools of the trade have changed as well. If we go way back, it began with the welding of hammers and the convening around radio sets. Now it involves sensors, algorithms, and deep learning.

With these new tools we are able to leverage statistical computing in new ways. There is always more to learn and despite Hollywoods determination to make us believe anything we don’t understand will take over and destroy us, technology and tools are created for a specific task – not world domination.

Melody K. Smith

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