Artificial intelligence (AI) activity has been accelerating and the world’s top technology companies are leading the way. From self-driving vehicles to home devices controlling the HVAC systems, AI is now making inroads into the business enterpriseInformation Week brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “AI Begins to Infiltrate the Enterprise.”

Many business leaders are looking at how their organization can capitalize on these developments. We have a long way to go before AI can replace the capabilities of a human being, but it can already endow employees with incredible power and insight when they need it most.

Technology giants are already basing much of their businesses on various kinds of machine learning and deep learning technologies. They have invested heavily in research and recruiting talent with AI skills. For organizations just as the cusp, there is much to be learned. The trick in leveraging AI to its fullest is found in converging the right data, technology, and talent.

Melody K. Smith

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