Data management includes the organization of data, the steps used to achieve efficiency, and gather intelligence from that data. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to us in their article, “A Brief History of Data Management.”

Do not confuse data management with data governance. Data governance is a set of practices and concepts which prioritize and organize data, as well as the enforcement of policies around data, while following various regulations and curtailing poor data practices. However, data governance is essentially a part of the greater whole of data management.

Database management is focused on the tools and technology used to create and alter the foundation of data, rather than the overall system used to organize the data. Database management is also a subdivision of data management.

While some companies are good at collecting data, they are not managing it well enough to make sense of it. Simply collecting data is not enough; enterprises and organizations need to understand from the start that data management and data analytics only will be successful when they first put some thought into how they will gain value from their raw data.

Melody K. Smith

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