Artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace may mean different things to everyone. For those who are in denial, AI is likely already there in one form or fashion. CMS Wire brought this news to us in their article, “The AI-Based Intelligent Workplace Is Closer Than You Think.”

Gartner reports that 85 percent of information in a company is unstructured, and that a company’s information doubles every 18 months. How does an organization begin to manage, organize or analyze that data? If it is just sitting there untouched, it is useless.

The exponential growth of information in today’s businesses necessitates the adoption of a smarter, more flexible and dynamic approach to managing information. To make the most of the data and the insights it can provide, the paradigm of knowledge and information management in today’s digital workplace must shift to include contextual understanding. This is where AI comes in. The industry is taking steps toward the day when fully automated digital assistants will support an intelligent workplace.

Melody K. Smith

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