Access Innovations, Inc., creator of the award-winning Data Harmony semantic enrichment software, is proud to announce the recent completion of a thesaurus project with British journal publisher Mark Allen Group (MAG).

MAG wanted to jump-start a semantics program that would provide maximum value via content enrichment, so engaged with Access Innovations, leaders in semantic enrichment solutions. While MAG publishes content across a wide range of topics, it was decided that, as proof of concept, their initial focus would be on their strongest vertical – healthcare – and specifically nursing content. Access Innovations provided them with a bespoke thesaurus to index the nursing-specific journals in their corpus.

Over the course of the project, Access Innovations built two vocabularies to index the MAG nursing content, which comprised 25 journals and 60,000 individual articles. The first used Medical Subject Headings as its basis and was built in accordance with the concepts mined from their data, search logs, and author tags. The second, a geographic thesaurus based on the United Nations categories, was focused on United Kingdom specific areas, with granularities for the major territories and cities in the UK.

“We are pleased with our new nursing thesaurus,” commented Tom Pollard, Content Development Director for Mark Allen Group. “Adding a semantic layer to our content will greatly enhance our users’ experience.”

“I was excited about the opportunity to work with the Mark Allen Group on this project,” said Daryl Loomis, Project Manager for Access Innovations. “I am certain that this indexing will not only enrich their content, it will overwhelmingly improve search and retrieval for their researchers.”

Access Innovations looks forward to continuing its engagement with MAG for the other segments of their corpus, including veterinary medicine and dentistry, as well as forward flow indexing on their nursing content.


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