Healthcare information technology is benefiting from artificial intelligence (AI) advances. The adoption of AI in healthcare continues to increase and providing solutions for patients, providers, and the industry as a whole. DATAVERSITY brought this information to our attention in their article, “Artificial Intelligence and Data Management: AI Meets Healthcare Innovation.”

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), with creating a cross-pollination process – where technological advances in one area drive progress in another by clearing barriers to accessible, intelligent medicine, is a perfect example.

AI in healthcare represents a collection of multiple technologies enabling machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn so they can perform administrative and clinical healthcare functions. Unlike legacy technologies that are only algorithms and tools that complement a human, AI in health today can truly augment human activity.

With immense power to unleash improvements in cost, quality and access, AI is exploding in popularity. Growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021.

Melody K. Smith

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