Peer review is a vital step in scientific publishing. Unfortunately it is often not formally taught. This interesting news came to us from EurekAlert! in their article, “PLOS announces new website for peer reviewers.”

In support of its global peer reviewer community of more than 74,000 researchers, the Public Library of Science (PLOS) created the PLOS Reviewer Center. It is designed to support reviewers working on manuscripts submitted to PLOS journals, with information and resources freely available to anyone–those interested in learning more about how peer review works, those looking for instructional resources, and those reviewing for other journals and publishers.

“Reviewers are essential to the integrity and quality of the peer review process,” says PLOS ONE Editor-in-Chief Joerg Heber. “They provide an important service to the academic community. It is essential that they feel guided when starting out and supported in this role throughout their careers.”

All content is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, meaning it is free and open for anyone to access, regardless of whether they review for PLOS.

Melody K. Smith

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