Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more in technology to clone human behaviors. It is also being utilized alongside analytics to make predictions. Consider AI the new crystal ball of technology. This interesting topic came to us from Medical Xpress in their article, “Prediction of psychotic onset with AI language analysis.”

The IBM Research team for Computational Psychiatry and Neuroimaging has been developing methods intended to mitigate the limitations of human diagnosing, especially when it comes to behavioral health. Psychiatrists characterize schizophrenia by a set of intuitively understandable concepts that are subjective in the sense that their quantification depends significantly on the particular training and ultimate judgment of individual psychiatrists.

Scientists are now using AI to provide a consistent neuropsychiatric evaluation from speech samples, which could be delivered remotely. The results reveal that it is possible to use AI to model differences in speech patterns between high-risk patients who subsequently developed psychosis and those who did not. The results were obtained by analyzing baseline interviews in which patients talk about themselves for close to one hour, using the AI method natural language processing (NLP).

Melody K. Smith

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