IBM has unveiled a new data science and machine learning platform with the promise from one executive stating it was “the most significant announcement we’ve made about data in years.” Silicon ANGLE brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “IBM calls its new machine learning platform ‘the reinvention of the database’.”

Featuring an in-memory database, a real-time processing engine and the ability to ingest and analyze massive amounts of data, the Cloud Private for Data constitutes an integrated data science, data engineering and application development platform.

It boats a combination of features that enables organizations to ingest, transform and analyze streaming data on a single software stack. A core feature of the platform is an intelligent data catalog enabled by machine learning technology that automates the process of creating meta tags.

Having automated much of the data cleansing process, it promises to free up the data scientist’s time and make the data accessible.

Melody K. Smith

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