Data is money. Managing money and data takes information. A recent study by MIT found big data is costing money to fix bad data. This information was brought to us by Datamation in their article, “Top 10 Data Governance Solutions.

As more data is created and collected, the challenges continue to grow. That is one reason why data management or data governance is so important.

Data governance meets the need for consistent business rules and processes associated with an organization’s information assets. For most organizations, a single data warehouse is not a reality. Big data sources, increasing complexities, operational intelligence, and information diversity creates an environment that requires a consistent and thorough data management strategy.

Data governance often includes other concepts such as data stewardship, data quality, and others to help an enterprise gain better control over its data assets, including methods, technologies, and behaviors around the proper management of data. It also deals with security and privacy, integrity, usability, availability, roles and responsibilities, and overall management of the internal and external data flows within an organization.

Melody K. Smith

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