Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just for television drama or Hollywood special effects. It is not just limited to large technology organizations and it is also not just a future dream for local news organizations. Its early applications have already arrived, and wider adoption and lower costs will mean an increased presence in a range of roles. This interesting news came to us from TV NewsCheck in their article, “Artificial Intelligence Arrives For Local News.”

AI has largely been confined to the work around metadata and closed captioning, at least among larger,, international media companies. But things are about to change. AI is becoming more functional and affordable. So much so, it is now in your home.

Smart cameras are one of the most useful AI-powered devices you can put in your home — at least from a security standpoint. These cameras can not only act as deterrents and keep you informed, they can record in at a quality level that is helpful to the police in identifying someone from a recording.

Melody K. Smith

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