During the current digital transformation that we as a society are experiencing, the creation and collection of large amounts of digital data is occurring. Some refer to it as big data, but that doesn’t just refer to its size. Big data also refers to the quality and usefulness of the data. This interesting information came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Are You Data Rich, but Insight Poor? Turn Enterprise Communications Data into Actionable Insights.”

While enterprises have massive amounts of data residing in silos across their organizations, they still struggle to access it and analyze it. Although an abundance of data exists, gleaning valuable information to make strategic decisions is difficult. Only once data is processed, interpreted, organized, structured or presented in a meaningful way does it actually become information.

One way to achieve this is to eliminate the data silos. Pulling multiple communication data sources together can be an advantage for creating transparency across an enterprise.

Melody K. Smith

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