Data management bring with it a certain level of struggle that typically only those working in IT understand. Between limited resources and changing and often outdated infrastructures, protocols, regulations, and demanding clients – there is no seemingly no end to the workload and hurdles. This interesting topic came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “The Love/Hate Relationship between IT and Data Quality Tools.”

After all of that, the data delivered to the business users must be of the highest quality. Failing that, it is another challenge and crisis waiting to be managed.

There is some help available in the form of data quality tools. Some are fairly common and widely adopted, but often businesses are not getting the full potential out of them and therefore feeling their investment of both dollars and hours are not realized.

One common mistake is to purchase an IT-only set of tools. There are many Enterprise Data Management platforms that offer data quality tools, but these can be extremely complex and difficult to use. Ideally, those with the business knowledge should be involved in the selection and operations to manage the rules that drive the context and validity of the data they want to use in their critical decision making.

Melody K. Smith

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