Helsinki climate experts presented an action plan to render the city carbon neutral by 2035 and they used semantic technology as part of their model. Markets Insider brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Helsinki Compiles Building Energy Data into Semantic 3D City ModelEnergy and Climate Atlas is a tool to reach climate goals.”

The city compiles all energy-related data on its building stock into a 3D map application labeled Helsinki Energy and Climate Atlas. Executed on the CityGML data model, the semantic 3D city model of Helsinki is part of the city’s toolkit for climate action and climate change adaptation. With data on each of the city’s buildings, Helsinki Energy and Climate Atlas can be used for advanced citywide energy analyses and simulations, as well as assessments of specific buildings. All data of the atlas is available as open data, in accordance with the Helsinki principle of releasing public data for free use.

Semantic technology is still finding new applications and ways to advance the science of data management.

Melody K. Smith

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