Organizations are always looking for ways to use data to gain an understanding of customers as individuals and use those insights to build long-term retail relationships. This starts with semantically enriching the data. This interesting topic came to our attention from CMS Wire in their article, “Enhance Your Customer Experiences With Semantic Data Enrichment.”

But first, what is semantic data?

Semantics are a form of metadata that describe the meaning of your data. The simplest form of semantics are definitions of words. The definition enhances your understanding of what the word is. Depending on the context, a word can have drastically different meanings. Context increases insight into the data. This is the essence of semantic’s value, in that once the connection or context is determined, the meaning is established.

Every piece of data can be semantically enriched to increase its context. The richer the data is, the more accurate the knowledge will be of an individual’s goals and desires.

Melody K. Smith

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